From good intentions to excellent results

We are INNER ACTION, your dedicated partner for organizational development. We enhance professional and personal competencies through customized leadership development, coaching, and team development. Our engaging learning environment and deep organizational insight ensure quality and excellent results. Meet our experienced trainers for a successful journey.

INNER ACTION Playful Learning

We believe in active learning, where participants are active and engaged. Our teaching is practical, related to your challenges, and based on the latest research in learning. We ask questions, challenge, and provide fun and educational tasks that translate theory into practical learning. It all revolves around your business and its daily challenges. At INNER ACTION we call it Playful Learning



We specialize in employee, team, and leadership development. Our skill and experience in this field form the foundation of our work. We understand what it takes to create meaningful and lasting changes within organizations. Our expertise is what enables us to deliver tailored and effective solutions to our clients.


We believe that collaboration is the key to successful development processes. We work closely with our clients, attentively listening to their needs and goals, and co-create solutions. Our collaborative approach ensures that we understand our clients' unique challenges and deliver results that make a real difference.


Change is a constant in the business world, and we are dedicated to helping our clients embrace and drive positive changes. Our value "Change" reflects our role as change agents who work alongside organizations to improve and evolve them. We strive to create lasting improvements and have a positive impact on our clients' results and well-being.

Meet INNER ACTION's Trainers

Our experienced team consists of competent individuals with substantial professional experience. At INNER ACTION, we understand that success, whether in elite sports or the business world, requires determination, a burning desire, and constant improvement. We ignite the inner drive in employees by defining clear goals and highlighting the necessary focus areas for excellent results. Our customized development programs create maximum value and success for organizations, teams, and individuals. Meet our experienced trainers, ready to help you and your organization achieve outstanding results.

Claus Lehmann

CEO & Founder – International Performance Coach,
Leadership & Learning Specialist

Claus Lehmann, founder, CEO, international performance coach, leadership & learning specialist at INNER ACTION, is passionate about creating dynamic learning environments that optimize results for teams, employees, and leaders. 

With a background in elite sports, management, and as a Global Trainer at LEGO, he has extensive experience. Since founding INNER ACTION in 2004, he has designed global training programs, facilitated organizational changes, and strengthened the competencies of employees and leaders in both national and international companies. His focus continues to be on creating playful learning environments. 

With 50 national team games and an international basketball career, Claus has extensive experience of what it takes to achieve excellent results.

Gunhild Røy

Sr. Partner, Projects Specialist & Executive Coach

Gunhild is an experienced facilitator, coach, and mentor with profound psychological insight. She professionally works with change and well-being processes, and her ability to motivate and provide personal benefits is remarkable. With a background as a civil engineer and project manager, she has over 10 years of experience in national and international companies, including LEGO. 

At INNER ACTION, Gunhild teaches and coaches in talent development, project management, and well-being, as well as facilitates change projects. She works with employees, project managers, and top-level executives.

Rami Ismail

Chief Consultant, Leadership Development & Executive Coach

Rami holds a master’s degree in Corporate Communication from Aarhus University and has over a decade of valuable experience in coaching and developing employees and leaders. Throughout his career, he has successfully led large teams, both as a business owner and as the leader of the graduate program at Danfoss. His responsibilities at Danfoss included recruitment, management, strategy, marketing, and budget management, and he has consistently coached employees and leaders across the organization.

In early 2022, Rami became an active member of the board of directors of an IT company with 200 employees, where he continues to contribute with his coaching and leadership development for the top management. At INNER ACTION, he is now fully dedicated to applying his expertise to guide personal and professional growth for our clients and partners on a global scale.

Our mission

We inspire, challenge and develop organizations, teams, & individuals to create excellent & lasting results

Our vision

INNER ACTION aims to be a leading force in business development and sustainable change in the business world. Our goal is to shape a work culture where employees and leaders master their professional and personal skills, and where organizations thrive through competent leadership, effective communication, and a strong sense of community.